Woody’s Run-Around Roundup

from Wild Planet

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  • Woody’s Run-Around Roundup from Wild Planet
  • Part of the Toy Story brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

Giddy up, cowboy! Woody and the rest of the Toy Story gang are rounding up kids for a game of tag! With Woody's Run-Around Roundup, kids get a mental and physical workout while having fun.

Woody, atop his horse Bullseye, is the electronic handheld tagger and his Toy Story co-stars, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, Hamm, and Rex, are targets. Players listen for Woody to call out clues about different characters, then run to and tag the corresponding targets. There is a microchip embedded in the tagger that recognizes the targets. When Woody is placed over the correct character, the circuit is complete and players advance. If players tag an incorrect target, Woody will repeat the call-out and encourage them to try again. As the game progresses, the call-outs become more challenging. In early levels, Woody may call oe (R is for Rex). Once kids master nameut a name or the first letter of a nams and letters, the game adds in colors and character traits, such as "Who wears a white spacesuit?" and "Who is a yodeling cowgirl?"

The game can also be played at varying degrees of physical difficulty as the targets can be spread out across short or long distances and placed up high or down low. Farther targets at different heights result in more running, bending, reaching, and stretching-all great physical activities for kids!

In addition to the main game, Woody's Run-Around Roundup also features a sequence-building memory game, a hide-and-seek treasure hunt, and multi-player modes. Each game requires physical exertion that aids in the development of large and small muscle groups while improving coordination and motor skills. The sharing and listening aspects of the game reinforce positive social behaviors.

Woody's Run-Around Roundup is an ideal game not only for kids but also for the whole family to play together. Whether indoors or outdoors, played solo or in teams, this game exercises the bodies and minds of multiple generations!


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