All-in-One Musical Band

from Baby Genius

Product Information

  • All-in-One Musical Band from Baby Genius
  • We recommend this product for ages 2 and up

What It Is

With Baby Genius, music makes a difference! Baby Genius is a musical "edu-tainment" brand for preschoolers that offers gender-neutral, child-friendly content along with nurturing and stimulating play patterns.

Strike up the band with the All-in-One Musical Band! Kids can start their very own band with a Frankie tambourine, two maracas, a Vinko flute, and a drum with two colorful drumsticks. Best of all, the instruments easily store inside the drum for easy clean-up and on-the-go fun.

Music is a great way for kids to engage in creative self-expression. (Even if to adult ears it just sounds like noise at times.) This fun set puts the music right into kids' hands, allowing them to make up their own songs or play along with old favorites. Preschoolers are also learning cause-and-effect as they "play" the instruments and learn to discriminate among different sounds and activities.

This set also provides a very good value compared to other similar types of toys.


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