Tempo's Musical Broom

from Baby Genius


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What It Is

With Baby Genius, music makes a difference! Baby Genius is a musical "edu-tainment" brand for preschoolers that offers gender-neutral, child-friendly content along with nurturing and stimulating play patterns.

Sweeping the floor becomes a musical event when kids pick up Tempo's Musical Broom. They can dance and sing to Tempo's sweet tune while pretending to sweep! The broom features an easy-to-push handle button that activates four fun phrases, realistic sweeping sounds, and Tempo's tune. Press Tempo's nose to hear another fun phrase!

Children love to do what they see their parents doing-that's the basis of all roleplay items. Preschool children have a particular fascination with cleaning up (though we sometimes wonder what happened to that as they get older), which partially explains the popularity of toy vacuum cleaners and other similar items. Tempo's Musical Broom is a great way to engage children in pretend play that lets them feel just like grown-ups. The musical element creates an interactive, educational experience because the repetition of hearing a song can help build vocabularies and speech patterns.