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Show your true emotions with Smiley Central Studio! Smiley emoticons have become a major part of modern communication, allowing people to express themselves when using email and instant messaging. Smiley Central Studio taps into this trend by giving kids a new way to get creative online. is a free online art studio that offers kids the chance to mix and match smiley parts to create unique emoticons with the Create-A-Smiley feature, then print them out, send them in an email, or share them in the online Art Gallery. Using the Art Studio, kids can place their original smileys in online greeting cards, invitations, calendars, computer wallpaper, and more!

Offline, kids can collect their favorite Smiley Central Studio characters in the form of stuffed animals, figurines, charms, and more. Each toy includes a secret code that unlocks smiley features and art assets at Collect Smiley Central stuffed dolls in both seven-inch and three-inch sizes. The dolls come with removable clips for attaching to bags, clothes, and backpacks. With Bobblers & Mini Friends, kids can shake Bobblers to watch them bobble and attach the two mini charm friends to bracelets, necklaces, zippers, and more. Two-Piece Figurine Packs allow kids to take home figurines of their favorite characters two at a time! Each pack has a special theme, such as party time, playtime, and super friends. The entire line offers hours of fun and everything is priced at under $10! This is a great way for kids to show the world who they are and how they feel. is a COPA-compliant site that has been designed just for kids to use, versus the original Smiley Central site that has been used for adults. However, this just-for-kids site offers plenty of age-appropriate fun and creativity, and a way for younger kids to feel "big" and participate in a larger cultural event.