Kinder-Ready Early Learning Products

from Elmer’s



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What It Is

When we were going to kindergarten (Okay, it was a while ago.), there were very few pre-requirements. That's changed a bit, and now there are some very good products that can assist parents in helping kids learn the requisite skills while still having a fun play experience.

Inspire creative learning and help prepare your child for kindergarten with Elmer's line of Kinder-Ready Early Learning Products. The Kinder-Ready line includes eight educational items specifically designed to help little ones build the skills they need to have a successful, fulfilling kindergarten experience-from basic skill development such as learning letters to more advanced cognitive, physical, social, and artistic learning activities.

The Kinder-Ready line features the eye-catching artwork of Eric Carle, the popular author and illustrator of much-beloved children's books, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Each activity has great visuals, tons of fun, and loads of learning-the perfect combination to help children get ready for kindergarten. In the Sizes and Shapes Clue Cards, kids will find 24 matching pairs, 10 shapes, and 14 sizes. These clue cards help children understand early concepts of geometry through recognition of shapes in art, while also expanding a child's vocabulary. Other products include Alphabet Clue Cards and Colors and Numbers Clue Cards.

As a complement to books and other everyday activities you're engaging in with the kids in your life, these items are an affordable, effective, and fun way to integrate learning into everyday play.