Pool Sharks

from Gamewright


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What It Is

Shoot like a shark in this fast-paced game of billiards that has an underwater theme! The player that shoots the most balls into the fish pockets rules the pool. But watch out for the slippery Eight Ball-sink it too soon and you've sunk the game!

Pool Sharks is a unique twist on the classic game of pool. The "scaled down" (Fish, scales-get it?) table has six fish pockets. Instead of a traditional pool cue, players use a unique, trigger-activated shark shooter mechanism that makes it easy and entertaining for kids of all ages to use. While this isn't, strictly speaking a pool game, its entertaining design and play will keep kids engaged.

The game comes with 11 mini pool balls, six fish pockets, two shark shooters, a pool table, a triangle rack, and rules in English and Spanish. Pool Sharks is for two or more players.