Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo Game

from I Can Do That! Games


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What It Is

This game company is only a couple of years old, but their level of creativity, the quality of the games, and the fun they provide are consistently groundbreaking. They put a lot of play in the box, and all of these games are easy to open and play. Plus, with licenses like Dr. Seuss, Curious George, and Richard Scarry, the fun ties in to some of their favorite books and characters. You really can't go wrong with choosing a game from this company.

Everyone's favorite monkey, Curious George, is in charge of the zoo but everything is going wild! In this game of hiding, seeking, and zookeeping, kids must feed and care for zoo animals, repair fences, and clean up messes. Keep your walkie-talkie at the ready because the man with the yellow hat will be calling in to send you on exciting missions all over the zoo! But watch out-when you hear "The animals have escaped!" it's time to spring into action! The other players put on their animal masks and hide and it's your job to find them. But hurry-the zoo must open on time!

This wild game is full of playful problem solving and on-your-feet hide-and-seek fun! It provides rich opportunities for pretend play and creative roleplay as kids take on the persona of zookeeper and different animals with the animal masks. This social game gets kids interacting with each other while encouraging turn-taking and following directions. Best of all, the game is active. Kids will be running around the house or the back yard searching for the "animals" or finding a good hiding spot!

Hide and Seek Zoo Game comes with an electronic walkie-talkie, four Zany Zoo Animal Masks, a game board, 25 cards, and a school bus mover.