Ben 10 Alien Creation Challenge

from Bandai America


  • Ben 10 Omnitrix Touch
  • Ben 10 Tech Blaster
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Ultimatrix


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What It Is

Get ready for more alien fun with new Ben 10 Alien Force toys, based on the mega-hit Cartoon Network TV show. The new collection of toys captures the excitement of the series with new Alien Force action figure characters, as well as characters from the classic Ben 10 series.

Kids can test their alien design skills with the Alien Creation Challenge playset. Creating aliens is a central part of Ben 10 play, and one of the other very popular toys in the Ben 10 line is the Alien Creation Chamber. The challenge playset adds a fun new element-a timer. Kids race against the timer as they piece together alien torsos and limbs to recreate figures based on alien combo cards. If time runs out, the tray pops up along with all the alien pieces! Keep the challenge going by adding additional figures to the playset and creating additional alien combo cards online!

This is like having two toys in one. It's a fun playset where kids can create unique aliens, but it's also a super fun and fast-paced game that kids can play on their own or with friends. The playset includes three alien figures and 10 alien combo cards, as well as a special key to unlock figures.