The Dangerous Book for Boys Essential Electronics

from Thames & Kosmos

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Get dangerous with science! Based on the bestselling children's book The Dangerous Book for Boys, this kit presents electronics every kid should know through fun, engaging, and impressive experiments and activities. Learn about electric current and electrons, conduct hair-raising experiments with static electricity, and read a brief history of the research and discoveries associated with electricity and electronics. There are 30 stimulating experiments and activities that will have kids building an electromagnet, an electric motor, a voltaic pile, a joy buzzer, and a vibrating bug. The full-color, 32-page manual guides kids through the experiments. Parents and grandparents will appreciate this nostalgic-looking kit, updated for today's kids. It offers a great opportunity for parent-son bonding and at the same time fosters natural creativity. Of course, the word "dangerous" is meant lightheartedly, as is the original book. The emphasis is on classic, kid-powered fun that may be nostalgic for older people but is relatively new and empowering for kids. We see this as a nice complement to other types of play, but parent direction and influence will most likely help get and keep kids engaged.


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