Flick Trix

from Spin Master



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What It Is

Get ready for extreme sports fun for your fingers! Spin Master reintroduces the original die-cast finger bikes-Flick Trix! Flick Trix have a patented front brake play feature and interchangeable parts such as wheels, pedals, and grips. Each bike comes with realistic handlebars for display or kids can install the included "trick bars" to make it easy to pull real BMX stunts with ease!

The BMX Bike Assortment features miniature BMX bikes modeled after today's hottest brands. Each comes with trick bars and a tool.

For fans of classic BMX, the Retro Bike Assortment features bikes from the 1970s and 1980s. These sets will include an extra set of iconic Skyway Tuff Wheels, a full-size sticker, and a stand for displaying your bike.

With the Bike Shop Set Assortment, customize the included finger bike with tons of extra parts from real accessories companies such as Odyssey, Animal, ODI, Skyway, and Tioga. The assortment is a mix between current and retro bike styles. Each set also comes with a second frame in a different color for even more versatility, a carry case to store spare parts, and a mini sticker set!

Use your finger bike to pull off wicked tricks and get big air with the 605 Ditch Set! Modeled after a real street riding spot in Southern California, this set has realistic deco and metal rails for grind and stall tricks. The set also comes with a mini sticker set.