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What It Is

What's more fun than playing with dolls? Making your own dolls! The latest addition to Spin Master's PixOs line, ChixOs is a new line of dolls and playsets that lets you create, accessorize, and play alongside your favorite PixOs creations. You can customize your ChixOs dolls by mixing and matching their fashions and styles. Just like with PixOs, a spray of water is all you need to bond together your doll creation!

Each ChixOs doll pack comes with two dolls (10 pieces total) and a spray bottle. There are 32 doll combinations to choose from! Make them, spray them, and create your own doll!

Collect all three ChixOs playsets to create your own ChixOs world. There are three cool themes to choose from: backyard party, pet shop, and boutique, each sold separately. Make all the fun accessories and food from PixOs! Each package is reusable and has a themed background. The playsets come with two ChixOs dolls, three or four plastic play pieces, and 150 PixOs.

Strut down the catwalk with the ChixOs Design-A-Fashion Show. Design your doll by mixing and matching fashions, then send her down the runway. With a rotating mirror stand, you can watch her get ready for the show. The packaging doubles as a fashion show backdrop and as an easy-to-carry storage case! The kit also comes with two ChixOs dolls, 200 PixOs, and a sprayer.

Design the ultimate party palace with the Design-A-Luxury Loft. With four rooms to explore and three dolls to make, there's lots to decorate and create! Use the glitterator shower to magically cover your dolls with glitter. Rearrange the furniture and make accessories with PixOs! When you're done, store it all in the bed and the fridge. The house comes with a spray bottle, 11 furniture pieces, three dolls, and 300 PixOs.

As much fun as these are, the youngest children who don't have highly developed fine motor skills may find working with the PixOs a little bit challenging at first. Encourage kids to take their time. Also, you'll want to make sure that you use just the right amount of water. Too much means that the pieces take a long time to set and won't hold their shape. Take time to practice with these and you'll get better results.