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What It Is

Who knew that cutting paper could be so much fun? Paperoni is a new arts and crafts activity that uses simple rolls of paper to make incredibly creative works of art! Moms will love Paperoni design studios because they are mess-free and require no glue or drying time. Kids will love how easy and satisfying it is to create great looking items! Simply pick your colored paper rolls, peel to reveal the sticky color-coded 2-D or 3D character templates, match the colors with the Paperonis, and create your own original and fun 2-D and 3-D works of art! Let your imagination run wild using the free form sheets to make your own creations!

The 2-D Design Kit comes with 250 pre-cut Paperoni, one 2-D template, tweezers, four gem accessories, and foam accessories. Kids can create and collect a kitty, butterfly, puppy, and frog.

The 3-D Design Kit comes with 350 pre-cut Paperoni, one 3D template, tweezers, two gem accessories, foam pieces, and a display stand. Kids can create and collect a monkey, pig, and elephant. This kit also comes with clear sticky sheets and long Paperoni rods for freestyle creations!

With the Variety Pak, kids can make both 2-D and 3-D creations! It comes with 900 pre-cut Paperoni, one 2-D template, one 3-D template, two 5x3 clear templates (for freestyle creations), foam pieces, tweezers, and eight gem accessories.

The Paperoni Deluxe Studio comes with colorful paper rolls and design tools to create 2-D and 3-D creations. The Deluxe Studio includes a cutting tool that lets kids pick six different lengths for customized creations. Designed with safety in mind, just place a rod in the studio, turn the dial, press the lever, and watch the cut pieces pop out! No batteries are required! This kit comes with 600 pre-cut Paperoni pieces, 19 Paperoni rods, one 2-D template, two 3-D templates, one variable cutting studio, tweezers, eight gem accessories, foam pieces, one 4x4 clear template (for freestyle creations), and a display stand.

The cutter makes it easy to cut the paper rolls to the precise length needed. One thing kids will want to be aware of as they make the 3-D designs: the forms are very sticky, so they want to be careful as they place the papers. Once they are down, they can be moved, but the surface becomes less sticky each time, which may make it a bit frustrating.