Compact Sets

from Playmobil



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What It Is

Combining high quality and lots of open-ended play, Playmobil's Compact Sets are small and compact playsets that kids can take with them wherever they go!

The construction workers of the Construction Compact Set need help laying the bricks. Use the stackable bricks to create walls. Boys will love the building aspect of this set because they can not only play with the set, but also help create it! The set includes two figures, a hand cart, a shovel, stackable bricks, and many other accessories.

Take a trip on the high seas with the Pirate Island Compact Set. The pirates need help rowing their treasures to shore. Load up the floating rowboat with the treasure-filled chest and set sail! The set also includes two figures, a parrot, a hammock, rocks with a hiding place for the treasure chest, and many other accessories.

Spend the summer afternoon playing outside in the Wading Pool Compact Set. Kids can play with the three figures and make them hula hoop, sunbathe, or swim! The wading pool can be filled with water! The set also includes a beach chair, an umbrella, and other accessories.

With the Go-Cart Race Compact Set, kids have everything they need for a mini go-cart race. The set includes three figures, one red and one green go-cart, traffic cones, and a start ramp with drop down start gate.

These sets may be small, but they pack big play value!