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What It Is

How well do you know your friends? Imaginiff asks you to imagine what things your friends and family members are most like. All players write their names on an erasable game board and fill in any empty spaces with names of people they know. Roll the die to decide who will be the "subject," then read a Question card aloud: "Imaginiff _____ were a car part. Which would he/she be?" The card offers multiple choice answers and players must secretly vote as to what answer best fits the "subject" player. After everyone has voted, reveal the answers and the players with the most popular answers advance to win the game!

In the new 10th anniversary edition of Imaginiff, there is a new twist-Pick-A-Player cards: "Imaginiff we were musical instruments. Which player would be a banjo?" The answer will be one of the players playing!

The 10th anniversary edition comes with eight pawns, one die, a question mark token, 64 colored numbered voting cards, 212 Imaginiff question cards, 52 Pick-A-Player cards, a dry-erase marker and eraser, a card box, a game board, and rules. The game is for three to eight players.