Lazer Tripwire

from Wild Planet


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What It Is

Sometimes spies need to be in two places at once, examining a crime scene and protecting headquarters. With the new Lazer Tripwire, agents can set up an invisible barrier to secure their home base while they conduct on-site investigations!

The new Lazer Tripwire creates a field of invisible beams that can be arranged to guard rooms, people, objects, or anything that needs protecting. The redesigned receiver and emitter pods can be set on various surfaces to form straight lines of invisible light that trigger an alarm if someone crosses through them. To keep intruders out, place an emitter and receiver on opposite sides of an entryway, up to six feet apart. Or put the pods around a backpack to keep its contents secure. Position the pods in inconspicuous areas, or leave them in plain sight on the floor or dresser to taunt your enemies. As long as the emitters line up with the receiver, a siren will sound if anything enters or exits the guarded territory!

When not needed to protect cubicles, dorm rooms, cookie jars, or secret forts, the Lazer Tripwire can be used as a game. Players challenge each other to maneuver around the invisible beams to retrieve objects without setting off the alarm!

This high-tech security system includes two emitter pods and one adjustable dual receiver. The Lazer Tripwire is just what a young spy needs to protect his stuff from intruders!