1-2-3 Stomp

from Wild Planet


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What It Is

Keep kids active with 1-2-3 Stomp!, a game that challenges the body and the mind! Kids stomp the button on the launcher unit to send the plastic numbers flying, and then run to retrieve the numbers as quickly as possible. The electronic launcher also serves as the centerpiece for the game and calls out which numbers to run to and pick up. Players must retrieve the numbers from wherever they landed and return the numbers to the correct location on the base to receive their next command. 1-2-3 Stomp! can be played solo or in teams, inside or outside-it doesn't require a video screen or an electrical outlet. Play it anytime, anywhere!

1-2-3 Stomp! focuses on early math skills with questions such as "What comes after 7?" or "What comes between 7 and 9?" In both instances the player runs, picks up the number 8, and puts it back in the 8-shaped slot on the game's base. Additional games within 1-2-3 Stomp include 1-2-3 Count With Me, in which kids race to return the scattered numbers in ascending or descending order. There is also the Plus and Minus Game that requires kids to calculate simple addition and subtraction problems.

Parents will love that this game promotes physical activity while practicing number and pre-math skills. Kids will be learning, but they'll also be running around and having fun! This new game is a high-energy alternative to sedentary entertainment! In fact, this is one of the best ways to reinforce learning as kids combine thinking skills with physical activity.

Hey, and it doesn't hurt that part of the game play is picking up the pieces.