My Little Pony Ponyville Sweetie Belle’s Gumball House

from Hasbro


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The sweetest home in Ponyville is Sweetie Belle's Gumball House! Shaped like a giant gumball machine, this confectionery castle is the home of Sweetie Bell and features two levels full of whimsical fun! Ponies can join Sweetie Belle for a sugary snack in the first floor kitchen and then step outside for a fun-filled ride on the music-playing elevator. Ponies can also spend playtime in the upstairs level, a beautifully bedecked bedroom complete with a window decorated with colorful "gumballs" and a balcony shaped like a giant lollipop with a candy cane awning. The Gumball House playset comes complete with a special Sweetie Belle pony figure and additional adorable accessories, including a kitchen table and chairs shaped like hard candies, kitchen accessories, a bedroom set, and more! Girls will love all the delicious fun they can have! The playset requires three AAA batteries, which are included.