Spa Factory Custom Mix Nail Studio

from Jakks Pacific



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What It Is

Pamper yourself with the Spa Factory Custom Mix Nail Studio! This is the ultimate nail station with six cool steps to custom color nails, featuring a motorized nail polish shaker and dryer. Girls can experiment with nail polish combinations in a variety of colors, glitter, and decal art. Just pick the colors, drop them in the bottle, put the bottle in the nail shaker, and in 30 seconds a custom color is created! The built-in nail dryer ensures that every nail dries to perfection. The Custom Mix Nail Studio station includes all the ingredients girls need to have their own nail salon, including a variety of colors, gold and pearlescent glitter, nail polish base, decals, a toe separator, a nail file, and more! Gift bottles are also included for gifting unique creations to friends. Host a spa day with friends or have some mother/daughter bonding time over nail polish!