TV Games Sing Scene

from Jakks Pacific



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Transform yourself into a rock star with TV Games Sing Scene! The hot trend of music gaming comes to plug-and-play games with the new Sing Scene line, which delivers a premium music game experience contained in a single plug-and-play microphone. Sing to the hottest pop, rock, and country hits built right inside the microphone! No additional consoles or cartridges are needed. Featuring the same voice and pitch scoring software that's in popular console music games, players can compete to hit the right notes to rock out and win! The game includes hits made famous by Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, and many more! It's great for parties or family game night!

We like many things about this game. First and foremost, the amount of play and technology it delivers for the prices is very impressive. Second, it's not that easy. Seriously. It takes some practice and a good ear to be able to master the tones, and it's pretty darn accurate. No sloppy singing allowed.