Plug 'n Play Phone

from Comfy



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Ring! Ring! Playtime is calling! The Plug 'n Play Phone is a fun, innovative, interactive product based on sound recognition technology. Specially designed for preschool children, the phone offers entertaining content that develops a child's imagination, listening, and conversational skills. The phone plugs directly into a computer (PC only) using the included USB cable. Pop in the included Let's Talk CD and get talking! By speaking directly into the handset, children actually interact with on-screen characters and influence what takes place on the screen. The charming Comfyland characters respond and react to the children's voices, drawing them into the adventures! The phone is also multi-lingual-it easily switches between five languages!

The phone also comes with a handy parent guide and requires two AA batteries, which are not included. With 36 educational and fun activities, as well as three levels of fun that grow with your child, this interactive phone will really have kids talking!

Phone play is a traditional kids' classic because kids love to imitate what they see their parents doing. Comfy has taken the toy phone and made it interactive in a way that is immersive and age appropriate. While the phone is priced somewhat higher than typical toy phones, the level of interaction and the sophistication of the technology makes it a good value that will keep kids engaged and playing.