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What It Is

This is a classic play pattern revved up for a new generation of kids.

Say goodbye to the strings and ripcords of traditional tops. Now kids can experience turbo-powered battling. Here come Battle Strikers, the ultimate kid-controlled spinning top battling system!

The Battle Strikers tops attach to a handheld unit-aka the Turbo Launcher. With the push of a button they spin and are revved up. Learning just the right amount of power to give them is a key strategy. When the tops are spinning, a quick flick of the wrist drops them-and they're ready to take on all comers.

But that's not all. Once the tops are spinning, a magnetic finger cover, featuring MEGA Brands' MagNext technology, lets kids guide their tops into attack mode -or dodge an oncoming opponent. As always, the last top standing is the winner.

The initial collection includes 16 spinning strikers to battle with friends! Kids can collect and customize their Strikers for maximum performance. Each Striker is magnetically enhanced, element-themed, and calibrated to different degrees of endurance, offensive, and defensive precision. With the power of magnets, each Striker has the ability to jump, dodge, and move into battle with the controller. Kids will love collecting, customizing, and competing! Each Striker is sold separately.