Calico Cat

from Folkmanis


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What It Is

Puppet play is especially relevant for younger kids. It encourages both fine and gross motor development and coordination, while at the same time inspiring kids to develop narratives as part of their play. They are great imagination enhancers, and go one step beyond traditional plush toys because the child/toy interaction animates the toys in a unique way. Folkmanis has been a leader in this category for years with great designs that are especially expressive and that work with hands of both kids and adults. They are definitely worth the premium you pay for them, and will very likely be part of a child's toy box for many years.

This puppet is the cat's meow! The 20-inch Calico Cat is a purr-fectly designed black, tan, and white puppet with soft, long-pile fabric that captures the identifiable look of a real cat. Its paws and snout are created from shorter, white faux fur. A tan nose, long tail, and moveable mouth and front paws give the puppet the special touches needed to help bring it to life. This snuggly version of a favorite pet can be used as a fun puppet or a cuddly stuffed toy, presenting an endless amount of play value.