Wii Punch Out!!

from Nintendo



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The Punch-Out!! Games have always been known for the over-the-top fighters you face in the boxing ring. Each one has a distinctive and comical personality with outlandish looks, trash-talking taunts, and signature moves, which have only gotten funnier with each new game.In one of the early matches you will face off against King Hippo, an obese oaf whose trunks can't stay up on their own. The one new character to enter the game is Disco Kid, who loves to boogie as much as he loves himself. While all of the fighters (there are 14 in total) are incredibly entertaining they are also challenging and you will have to figure out what combination of moves is required to beat them.

The other element of Punch-Out!! that I found to be the most fun is the head-to-head mode where you can duke it out with a friend. The game's Wii-Remote and Nunchuk control system is so easy to grasp that two people can instantly pick it up and get in the ring for a comical yet competitive match. This is also a great way to determine who is going to take out the trash or clean the dishes.