Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Game

from Interactive Toy Concepts


  • Chopper Squad Mission


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

This might be the most controversial toy of the year. Duck Hunter comes with a flying Styrofoam duck and an infrared duck Shooter. You charge the duck by connecting it to the battery-operated charger. Then toss it in the air. The duck has wings that flap, with a stabilizing tail so it will fly almost like a real duck. To play, aim at the duck and fire the shooter. It sends out a safe, infrared beam. When you hit the duck the first two times, you will stun the duck and the wings will momentarily stop. When you hit the duck the third time, the duck's wings stop and the duck will fall to the ground. We realize this toy will offend some people, but others will love it. Your response will depend on your views on hunting. Certainly our team had different reactions. Many people here really like Duck Hunter, and see it as a game. However, others said they would never buy it because of its premise. This is certainly not the first hunting game on the market, and they generally have many loyal fans. This is definitely a case where your values and beliefs will influence the decision of whether or not to buy it.