Spiffy Spa

from Alex Toys

Product Information

  • Spiffy Spa from Alex Toys
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Get your toes ready! It's time for a pedicure from Alex Spiffy Spa! This complete pedicure and slipper-decorating kit comes with more than 100 stickers for decorating toes, two toe separators (just like at a real salon), one pair of sandals, 30 felt shapes that slip over the buttons on the sandals, and three nail polish colors. Moms will love that the nail polish is completely kid-friendly-no nail polish remover is needed. There are two sizes of sandals: Small/Size 2 that fits most girls ages 6-8 and Large/Size 5 that fits most girls ages 8-10. Girls will love getting a pedicure at home and making their own sandals. This is a great activity for a girl's birthday or slumber party.
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