Camp Talk

from Around the Table Games



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What It Is

Gather around the campfire and make new friends with Camp Talk. This is a great gift for kids heading off to camp or for family camping trips. Camp Talk is the perfect way to get to know new camp friends on the bus to camp, in the bunk after lights-out, or around the campfire while eating s'mores. It's also a great way to learn fun things about your family. Just draw one of the cards (which are attached to a carabiner clip), read one of the 50 cool questions, and let the fun begin! Some of the questions include "What's the funniest or most unusual nickname for a counselor you've heard?," "If you wrote your own campfire song, what would it be about?," and "Name a place you feel you can really be yourself." The handy compass allows you to navigate your way back to your campsite or cabin, while the attached flashlight makes it easy to read the questions during fun, late-night conversations! No longer will parents have to worry about sending their kids off to camp. With Camp Talk, kids can really break the ice and make new friends. Camp Talk is also a great way for families to bond during vacation time, whether on a campground or in a hotel room. The questions are geared for both boys and girls, meaning anyone can participate in this fun question game.