Bakugan Trap

from Spin Master


  • Bakugan Colossus
  • Bakugan Battle Arena


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What It Is

Last year the Bakugan game and TV show was a huge hit with boys and one of the must-have toys of the year for these boys. Now, just in time for the show's second season New Vestroia, exciting new Bakugan toys are giving boys new ways to play the game and the action from the show.

Take your battle brawling to the next level with Bakugan Trap, the next evolution in the world of Bakugan. Featuring incredibly unique designs, Bakugan Traps are strategic and powerful Bakugan that let players alter the game to their advantage. When an opponent least expects it, a Trap can be the ace in the hole to victory-and a new best weapon of attack! Dropped onto the Gate Cards (not rolled like the original Bakugan figures), Bakugan Trap can give you a powerful "G-Power Boost" or strategically alter the underlying attribute of the Bakugan in play. Bakugan Traps come in new shapes, such as a cube, coin, drum, pyramid, and more. One Gate Card and one Ability Card are included with each.