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  • Magic Jinn


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What It Is

This game can be played with four people, but it's even more fun with 6 people, so get a gang together and get playing. You draw a card and have to get someone to say the word on the card without saying any of the Taboo words, which are also on the card. So if the word on the card is Baseball, you need to get your teammates to say baseball, but you can't use "pitcher," "hitter," "pastime," "sport" or "game," as any of your clues. "Jeter," "Pujols," "Dodger," or "Fenway," however, would be good clues. You then have to see how many cards you can get right before the timer runs out. And, the best part is someone from the other team watches over your shoulder with "the buzzer" if you accidentally use a word not permitted. There's no board here, so you can play anywhere, and it's a fun interactive game where everyone can be relaxed, but you need to be sharp to win. (If you haven't noticed, playing the games is fun, but I like winning also!)