Fold ’N Store Table with Market Umbrella

from Little Tikes

Product Information

  • Fold ’N Store Table with Market Umbrella from Little Tikes
  • We recommend this product for ages 2 and up

What It Is

Everyone will want to sit at the kids' table when they see the Fold 'N Store Table with Market Umbrella. This unique four-sided table seats up to eight kids and the center hole holds a Little Tikes market umbrella to keep kids shaded from the sun. The table's natural wood-grain look and color helps it blend in with other outdoor furniture. But parents will really love how easy the table is to put together and move around. Just assemble the table once, then fold, move, or store it anywhere. Its compact design allows it to hang easily on a wall or wherever you have space to store it. This table is the perfect shady spot for kids to enjoy games, snacks, and all-around fun.

This table gives kids their own spot to color, play games, or enjoy snack time. With seating for eight kids, the Fold 'N Store Table promotes social interaction while kids play or eat. Parents will love that the table is easy to assemble and move around. Plus it folds up for easy storage!

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