Extreme Coaster

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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Now thrill-seeking kids can experience the excitement of a real roller coaster right in their backyards. The Extreme Coaster's non-slip step ramp allows children to push the car to the platform peak all by themselves. It includes nine feet of step track; a 30-inch-high platform with safety rails; a car with handgrips, footrests, and a high seatback; and extreme coaster decals. The Extreme Coaster features rugged double-wall construction and wide built-in steps for stability, and the smooth-riding roller coaster car is made for maximum thrills. The weight limit is 75 pounds and adult assembly is required.

This is the perfect first step for kids who might be too small for real roller coasters but still want to get in on the fun. Pushing the car up the ramp gives kids some exercise. This is great for social play as well as for individual play, though when a kid is alone, adult supervision is recommended.

This is definitely on the pricey end, but it delivers a lot of fun. It would be ideal for households where there are a couple of preschoolers, and we're pretty sure it will make your home the coolest place for playdates with this target audience.