Sky Balls

from Maui Toys


  • Skyball Football
  • Super Jumbo Skyball Kickball
  • Skyball Golf Jr.
  • Super Jumbo Skyball Soccer Ball
  • Jumbo Hypercharged Atom Skyballs
  • Hypercharged Fusion Skyballs
  • Sky Balls
  • Sky Ball League Official Glove & Ball Set


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What It Is

Get ready for high-flying fun! Maui's Sky Balls bounce up to 75 feet in the air. This incredible bounce feature comes from the combination of oxygen and helium inside the lightweight balls. It's great to see that such a basic toy can be such a hit, and we continually find that once kids pick them up, they can't stop bouncing them.

This spring, there are new introductions, including balls in different sizes. Plus, there are accessories like a suction cup catcher and a ball and bat set for high-powered games of baseball.

The balls have different paint treatments, lots of colors and unique features, such as sparkle inside, that make the balls different and great collectibles, too.