Xtreme Sky Slasherz

from Little Kids, Inc.



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Boomerangs just got a lot more Xtreme! Xtreme Sky Slasherz are new trick boomerangs designed with patent-pending, aerospace technology that lets them fly and curve through the air. These pocket-sized boomerangs are easy to use and take different flight patterns depending on how you throw them. Throw it to the right, throw it to the left, or even throw it straight, and Sky Slasherz will bend around trees, over houses, and under cars. Kids can play catch with friends or create their own tricks and flight patterns with Sky Slasherz. Sky Slasherz Series 1 are available in multiple colors with Xtreme designs.

Unlike regular boomerangs, Xtreme Sky Slasherz give kids more control over where the toy goes-and Sky Slasherz fly everywhere. Because kids can create their own flight patterns, a simple game of catch turns into a game of strategy. Plan your throw around nearby objects and see if Sky Slasherz can reach your friend. It's the perfect toy to get kids having fun outside.