No-Spill Bubble Blitzers

from Little Kids, Inc.



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The days of blowing a few bubbles at a time are over thanks to the No-Spill Bubble Blitzers. No spill!!! Yayyy!

Bubble Booster Technology continuously feeds bubble liquid to the bubble wand, so kids can continuously blow thousands of bubbles. Just fill the product with bubble liquid, close the cap, and blow! The No-Spill Bubble Blitzers are available in many different styles. The No-Spill Bubble Blitzer Glitter Critter, in pink or yellow, blows continuous bubbles while the Mylar glitter wings spin. The Nickelodeon No-Spill Bubble Blitzer assortment features three popular preschool licensed characters: Dora from Dora the Explorer, Diego from Go, Diego, Go!, and Pablo from The Backyardigans. Each No-Spill Bubble Blitzer includes two ounces of Little Kids' original no-stain, no dyes, non-toxic premium bubble solution.

What's great about Bubble Blitzers is the variety of styles, ensuring that there's a Bubble Blitzer for every child. No matter which Bubble Blitzer kids pick, they'll love being able to blow continuous bubbles with their favorite character-no need to stop and dip the wand in bubble solution. The no-spill feature means no mess and happy moms.