Splash Bombs

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What It Is

We absolutely love these. Get ready for splashing with Splash Bombs! Soak up some water and toss them-they'll yield a water-drenching splash for whomever is "lucky enough" to be around. This patented ball is super-absorbent and can soak up more than 10 times its weight in water. These soft, fabric-covered, open-cell poly-foam balls come in a variety of bright, vibrant, and dynamic colors and patterns. Product shapes and configurations range from balls, cubes, and disks to cute sea creatures and a variety of fabric-covered, foam-based games and activities. You can even purchase multi-piece value sets and party packs for the ultimate pool party!

Splash Bombs are like water balloons only better. These water toys take away the time-consuming act of filling individual balloons and, unlike water balloons, which break upon impact, Splash Bombs can be used over and over again. Use them for a wet game of catch or wage a water war in the pool.

When your kids are playing in the pool, make sure there is adult supervision, and make and enforce specific rules about behavior in and near the pool.