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What It Is

Quick! It's a Submergency!

With this new take on pool-time fun, kids dive into action to deactivate the Submergency ball before time runs out. The ball's LED timer can be set to time out anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds, so there's always a new, fun challenge as kids try to best their time. Players can also adjust the Submergency ball so that it floats, sinks, or remains suspended in the water.

But be careful-the Submergency ball is a similar color to pool water, adding yet another challenge when the ball is under water. Can you find it in time?

While older children might have the most fun with Submergency, the game also lets younger children and new swimmers get in on the fun with the ball's float mode, making it easier for the ball to be seen and reached by players. As they progress, chose the in-between mode and then the sink mode. Older children and more advanced swimmers will love diving to the bottom of the pool to deactivate the ball and challenging themselves to tackle the task in shorter and shorter increments of time.

Be sure that children are always supervised when playing in the pool.