LEGO City: Construction Site Playset

from LEGO


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

One of the classic LEGO systems, the LEGO City centers around everyday models with tons of building fun but lots of open-ended imaginative and role-play opportunities. These are for kids who love to build and play, and they'll find plenty to keep them occupied.

The Construction Site playset is a real innovation for LEGO because the building play is all about, well, building. For the first time, there are whole sections of structures that can be lifted into place by the crane. There's a working elevator and a variety of trucks that move around the site. It includes 898 pieces, and makes the perfect centerpiece to a kids' LEGO collection.

We were impressed, as with all LEGO products, with the quality of the pieces and the attention to detail as well as the satisfying way it all fits together. In addition, the set provides a framework for play without dictating what kids need to do.

While this set is expensive, we believe that LEGO delivers great value for the money. It truly is an investment that kids will play with for years and when you figure the cost over several years versus things that are discarded after a week, LEGO always seems worth it because kids come back to it again and again.