Glow Station On-The-Go

from Crayola

Product Information

  • Glow Station On-The-Go from Crayola
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Often a good toy is one that "breaks the rules." For instance, Nerf broke the rule that you can't play ball in the house. Last fall, Crayola broke the rule that you can't draw in the dark with their poster-sized Glow Station. This innovative product allowed kids to draw with light on a nice sized "canvas" that hung on the wall.

Now, that same fun is in a compact, portable unit. The portable glow tablet can be drawn on with the battery-operated light wand. Turn out the lights, and turn on the fun. Drawings last about a minute, and the different sheets let kids create textures and stencils.

Because it's self-contained and can go anywhere, we almost like this better than the original. And that reminds us, it kind of breaks another rule: No drawing after lights out. This is perfect for undercover creativity!


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