Color Wonder Fingerpaint

from Crayola

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Product Information

  • Color Wonder Fingerpaint from Crayola
  • Part of the Color Wonder brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

Crayola's Color Wonder has been a gift to parents since it was first introduced. Why? The paints, markers and other tools are completely mess free. And that's music to any parent's ears.

Color Wonder has deep, rich colors kids love, but the colors only appear when they create on the special Color Wonder paper. No worries about getting paint on walls, carpets, know, the usual places these products inevitably end up.

The new fingerpaint set is ingenious. First and foremost, the reformulated Color Wonder gel feels more like traditional fingerpaints. That's more satisfying for kids to use, and they actually use less product.

The hand design is adorable and its completely self-contained with resealable paint reservoirs. There are five different colors, a built-in finger-cleaning sponge and 12 wide sheets of Color Wonder paper.

We love this, and all kids can use it, but we're hoping that they make one for left-handed kids, too. The way it fits the hand is really cool, but it doesn't work as well for left-handed kids.


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