Deluxe Formula Megazords

from Bandai America



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What It Is

The Power Rangers franchise has seen many incarnations since it was introduced to America 17 years ago. In fact, part of the series' enduring appeal is that each season brings new adventures, new action-and, of course, new (and ever-cooler) toys. The latest series, Power Rangers RPM, follows an elite force of Rangers who must learn to drive and operate ultra-classified Racing Performance Machines in order to protect Earth! Boys love the high-octane adventures of Power Rangers RPM and now the action can be brought into your home with a line of toys inspired by the series.

By combining the three deluxe RPM Zords included in each set, kids can create the turbo-charged Megazords as seen on the TV show! When you collect all four Formula Megazords, you can create an exclusive RPM Ultrazord!

The Zords are an integral part of the Power Ranger adventures, both for good and evil, and these toys inspire all kinds of narrative-based play for boys.