Maria Colaco

Parent Contributor

Maria Colaco combines her experience as a mother to a tween and toddler to bring wit and a fresh voice to the national parenting conversation. Over the past 5-plus years, her work has been published by New York Family, CNN local, Huffington Post and TODAY SHOW parenting. Maria currently works with as a prominent on-camera personality and the editor of the BABY section. She specializes in Baby Gear, trends in Baby Décor and contributes frequently to the various national outlets on behalf of TTPM. Separately, Maria contributes lifestyle articles in beauty, fashion, baby gear and parenting to several national online and print outlets. Maria's blog -- The New York Mom is an internationally recognized blog for fashion trends, parenting commentary and travel and has most recently been named one of 15 Parenting Blogs to Follow in 2015 by Time Out New York. Originally from India and holding a BFA in performing Arts, Maria began her career as a professional dancer in NYC. Maria lives in New York with her tween, toddler, giant dog and her husband, where most days she's kissing boo boos and slaying dragons.

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