Jen Rabulan-Bertram

Parent Panelist

Jen Rabulan-Bertram

Jen Rabulan-Bertram is a blogger, freelance writer and brand ambassador. In pursuit of work/life balance, Jen honed her background as a magazine editor while leveraging social media to create The Next Kid Thing, a product blog that dishes and disseminates the latest and greatest in all things kids. Jen has gone from interviewing the Joint Chiefs of Staff to rubbing elbows with Elmo. She has contributed to outlets such as Healthy Child Healthy World, New York Family, Mommybites and Techlicious. As an influencer in the parenting and kid product realm, Jen has been quoted on WPIX, CBS News 2 and most recently, Parents magazine. She lives in northern NJ with her husband, preschooler and infant sons.

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