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  • Spaceship

    Imagination is the Best Medicine

    A nasty sinus infection left me down for the count recently, leaving my wife to hold down the fort while I did my best to get well. Then, one night around 10 p.m., our son screamed from his bed as if he just found a cobra hiding in his pillow.

  • Olympics

    Family Fitness Activity: Planning a Winter Olympics Challenge

    The 2014 Winter Olympics officially takes place in Russia in February, but my family has already started our own family Olympics of sorts right here at home. No, we’re not skiing or speed skating. We live in Northern Florida, so that would be kind of hard. Instead we’re doing push-up challenges, timing our planks, and more all in the name of fun!

  • Children

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Children

    New Year’s Eve is always a fun night for adults but the fun doesn’t have to stop when you have kids. Over the years planning a fun New Year’s Eve has been challenging, especially when the kids were toddlers-an age where they wouldn’t last until midnight, and loud noise or music would keep them up or wake them up.

  • Elf

    Five Charitable Elf on the Shelf Ideas

    In recent years, a peculiar character has found his way into homes, mesmerizing young children and adding yet another facet to the “magic” of Christmas. The Elf, the character in question, has been seen getting into mischief and sometimes letting curiosity get the best of him. Love him or hate him, The Elf on the Shelf is back this holiday season.

  • Gift

    How to Agree On a Christmas Budget for Your Kids

    This time of year some parents face a serious challenge when it comes to Christmas shopping. Not only do they have to figure out what the kids want (and will play with), but they also have to figure out how much to spend. This can be harder to agree on than you may initially think.

  • Satyan

    Stop and Smell the Diapers: Savor Every Moment

    Most days the hours between 5 and 7:30 p.m. are a warzone in my house: a flurry of homework, dinner, play, clean-up, arguing, baths, teeth-brushing, and more arguing. Several rounds of sibling spats with at least two full-blown meltdowns serve as toppings to this mayhem sundae.

  • TODAY Show: Playthings That Entertain and Educate

    We are in the final weeks of the holiday gift buying season and I have had so many people email, text, Facebook message, and down right stop me on the street to ask me what toys and games I think they should buy the kids this Christmas. As a toy and game “TV segment girl”, […]

  • Chores

    Fun Ways To Get Kids Involved in Holiday Party Chores

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year—or so they say! If you are anything like me, then you may be under some stress planning holiday parties and soirees that take place in your home. During this time of year, I entertain a lot in my home, and I am often the one who does […]

  • Homework

    Playing to Learn

    With busy school days comes what is for most parents their least favorite activity to do with their kids—homework.

  • FootballBingo

    Meredith Sinclair on The Today Show: Thanksgiving Family Games

    If you loved Meredith’s ideas for Thanksgiving fun, here are some free printables from her segment on the Today Show!