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  • ana

    5 Ways to Discover Other Cultures Through Play

    As a mom raising a bilingual and bicultural child, I’m well aware of the importance of play for so many aspects of my daughter’s development. We know that immersing her in the Spanish language in fun and engaging ways is the best way for her to absorb the language. Not only do we want her […]

  • ana

    Time to Play: 5 Apps to Expose Your Kids to the Spanish Language

    No doubt our children are growing up in a digital and connected world. Smartphones, computers and portable gaming devices are all around them since they are born. Rather than completely shielding them, I believe that teaching them the best use of technology and allowing them to explore and play with it within set boundaries can enhance their learning.

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    The Importance of Play to Teach a Child a Second Language

    The benefits of teaching children two or more languages are immense and really the best gift you can give them. Research has proven that bilingual kids are better multitaskers, they can concentrate and focus better, and they have enhanced literacy skills. Not only is bilingualism beneficial to the brain, but it also opens kids up to wider cultural perspectives and understandings.