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Summer Camp Care Package Ideas

What do I send to my camper at camp? Summer camp season is quickly approaching, and as parents send their children off for weeks to grow and become great men and women, we still want to share our love through care packages. “Care packages” are boxes or envelopes of goodies (toys, clothes, magazines, etc.) that families send or bring to camp for their campers. Kids feel really special when they get mail!

Here are some tips to pack the perfect care package for your camper:

Size. The package should be reasonable in size. Sending or bringing a refrigerator-sized crate of treats is going to be expensive for you and embarrassing for your child. Keep the size reasonable, about the size of a shoebox. Kids should not expect to receive large, costly items at camp. The point is not to spoil them; it’s simply to say, “I love you, and I’m thinking about you.”

Food/Perishables. Be careful that it will not melt or spill. Power bars and granola bars are great examples. Also, make sure items are in resealable containers. Snack-sized portions work the best!

Games/Books/Toys. Games, toys, and reading materials are excellent additions to any care package. Include some things that your child can share with his fellow campers.

For example, you might send:

• miniature board games, such as Checkers or Chess
• Frisbees and other flying disks
• magazines
• bean bag balls, such as Hackey Sacks
• playing cards
• Uno and other card games
• Nerf balls and other sponge balls
• MadLibs and other word games
• small stuffed animal
• markers and paper for drawing
• stickers
• disposable camera
• novel
• origami paper and instructions
• T-shirt
• puzzle
• baseball cap
• blank scrapbook or journal to start at camp
• photos of the family and photos of the family pets
• glitter/gel
• bubbles/sidewalk chalk
• streamers

Now, that you have your care package ready, are you worried about mailing it? Did you know that many summer camps prefer for you to actually bring the care package to camp during the first-day drop-off? Yes, that is correct. This way you do not have to worry about actually mailing the care package. Bring all your care packages to camp marked with your camper’s name, cabin, and date you want it delivered, and the camp will deliver for you! Some camps even have care packages that you can order. This is great if you do not have time to go shopping, but you want to still say, “I love you, and I am thinking of you.”

  • Tonya Prater

    Great tips. My kids’ are actually heading to summer camp next week. I hadn’t thought of sending them a care package since they are teens, but I’m sure they would never object to some mid-week treats.

    • Jennifer

      I hope they had a great time at camp! How did they like their care packages?

      • Tonya @ The Traveling Praters

        I didn’t send one. Aren’t I a bad mom? I did however make sure the house was stocked with their favorite foods and snacks when they got home. Plus, I allowed them to sleep in as long as they wanted this morning. I’m hoping that made up for it. :)