When we go camping… It’s always more work than we expected!

When we go camping… Our baby (now toddler) cocoons in his seat on the ride north, emerging in a flutter of arms and legs to run around the dirt campsite.

When we go camping… Our son’s favorite trail is to the water spigot, even the smallest camper pitching in, holding the handle of Daddy’s bucket

When we go camping… He learns to walk by navigating tree roots and trails, scampering like a squirrel along the ground

When we go camping… Our campsite abounds with babylegs, Bumbos, bug netting, bandanas, and bare feet

When we go camping… The best toys are tiny treasures we collect – sticks, leaves, rocks, bugs

When we go camping… The lake becomes our own zero entry pool, safe for small ones to enter slowly

When we go camping… We spy owls, chipmunks, squirrels, ducks, deer… we think we hear a moose calling in the dead of night

When we go camping… Loons wake us in the night with their haunting cries… in the morning, we feel brave enough to echo them

When we go camping… Flashlights bob on the walls of our tent, like fireflies waiting to be released from a jar

When we go camping… We huddle together on a floating mattress in a flashing darkness, while three thunderstorms pour over us

When we go camping… Rough earth, scratchy grass, coarse sand, silky water – new textures bring delight

When we go camping… We stay connected –to the twitter of birds, the faces of family, the sights of hawks and eagles circling the sky

When we go camping… Our son leaves with new vocabulary, new energy, new ideas for play

When we go camping… It’s always more worthwhile than we expected.

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  1. I love this! How sweet.

  2. How sweet!!  It does sound like its more worthwhile than expected.  What amazing memories you are giving!

  3. I love when things are more worthwhile than expected 😉

  4. You actually make me want to go camping- that’s no small feat!

    • Oh you should definitely try it – camping can be SO much fun!! I don’t really like bugs but honestly haven’t had a really bad bug experience while camping yet! :)

  5. We haven’t camped much as a family, but we went last year and had a blast!

  6. What a great post! I’m always nervous about camping but I have to agree with the last line -it’s always more worthwhile then we expected. There’s just something about unplugging and connecting with nature that is great for a family.

    • I totally understand the nervousness – I always overpack and forget SOMETHING important! LOL but it always works out so I try to just “let it go!” :)

  7. So cool, I hope to take our girl camping this summer for the first time. (She’s almost 3.) I’m not sure her daddy is as excited as I am, but I think she’ll have a blast!  

  8. You make camping sound like fun! I’d love to go, but I don’t think my family is the outdoor type! LOL

  9. Nightowlamma June 12, 2012 at 10:06 pm · · Reply

    Would you believe I’ve never gone camping

  10. My husband wants to go camping this weekend but I am not prepared!

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