Dora the Explorer Swimming Mermaid Dora

from Fisher-Price

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Product Information

What It Is

Swimming Mermaid Dora combines two things many little girls love: Dora the Explorer and mermaids. This plastic 10-inch Dora doll has a seashell necklace that you wind up to make Dora's mermaid fin propel the doll through the water. And instead of Dora's signature bob, this Dora doll has long hair with purple streaks in it that change color in the water. Warm water causes the violet streaks to turn pink, while icy cold water will turn them back to purple. The doll also comes with a comb.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute doll that offers a great way to add some fun to bath time for Dora fans. Kids will enjoy watching Dora "swim," changing her hair color, and engaging in all kinds of imaginative play.

Who It’s For

Swimming Mermaid Dora is for Dora fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Fisher-Price recommends rinsing, cleaning, and drying both the doll and comb thoroughly before storing.


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