Prank Star Big Winners

from Skyrocket Toys


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  • Prank Star Farting Bubble Blaster
  • Prank Star iFart Shuffle
  • Prank Star No! Button
  • Prank Star R/C Mega Fart
  • Prank Star Big Winners
  • Prank Star Marked Cards
  • Quick Attach Microscope
  • Prank Star Squirt Phone
  • Prank Star Snake Light


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Prank Star Big Winners is a package of 30 fake lottery tickets for playing practical jokes on friends and family. These lottery tickets look like the real deal and each one is a winner. Well, until your friend turns over the ticket and reads the fine print: "Odds of winning any prize are slim to none. Please proceed to give the person who presented this lottery ticket to you a wedgie."

Is It Fun?

If you like to play practical jokes on people, then Prank Star Big Winners will be right up your alley. As the back of each fake ticket says, "You must have a good sense of humor to play."

Who It’s For

Prank Star Big Winners is age-graded for 3 and up, but it will most likely appeal to older practical jokers.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Prank Star products include Marked Cards, a Squirt Phone, a Snake Light, and a lot of farting toys. Each is sold separately.