Draw Like A Pro

from Alex Toys


  • USA Map in the Tub
  • Blink and Float Turtle
  • Lil' Putters in the Tub
  • Octopus Tub Toss
  • Floaty Fountain Polar Bears
  • D.I.Y. Metallic Tattoos
  • D.I.Y. Cobra Bands
  • Water Flutes
  • Awesome FX Hair Chalk Pens
  • Fishing in the Tub


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Kids can practice the fundamental skills of drawing while they express themselves creatively. Tracing lets kids experience drawing while getting results they can be proud of. Turn down the lights, put in one of the slides and get drawing. More than 120 different subjects on slides, six richly colorful markers, 10 sheets of high quality paper and a flipbook to inspire hours of creativity.