Monsters University Junior Novelization

from Random House/Disney

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Product Information

  • Monsters University Junior Novelization published by Random House/Disney
  • Written by: Irene Trimble
  • Illustrated by: RH Disney
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 8 and up

What It Is

Monsters University The Junior Novelization re-tells the story from the popular movie Monsters University. In this 128-page chapter book, adapted by Irene Trimble, kids read about Mike Wazowski and James "Sulley" Sullivan, two mismatched monsters who can't stand each other when they first meet at Monsters University. But they come to understand the importance of working together and become the monster world's greatest scare team. The book also includes eight pages of full-color images from the movie.

Is It Fun?

This book is great for kids who liked Monsters University and like reading. The inclusion of images from the movie helps bring the story to life as kids read.

Who It’s For

Monsters University The Junior Novelization is for Monsters University fans ages 8-12

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Monsters University books are available and sold separately.


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