Monsters University Dare to Scare

from Golden Books/Disney

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Product Information

  • Monsters University Dare to Scare published by Golden Books/Disney
  • Written by: Calliope Glass
  • Illustrated by: Dave Gilson
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 6 and up

What It Is

The chapter book Monsters University Dare to Scare re-tells the story of the movie Monsters University. Mike Wazowski, a young monster with big dreams of becoming a Scarer, is attending Monsters University. There he meets Sulley, a natural Scarer who doesn't think Mike is very scary at all. Can Mike prove to Sulley that he has what it takes to become a great Scarer? This 80-page book is written by Calliope Glass and illustrated by David Gilson.

Is It Fun?

Monsters University fans will enjoy reading the familiar story from the movie with this book. Because this book is part of the Golden First Chapters series, it makes a nice introduction to chapter books for newly independent readers.

Who It’s For

Monsters University Dare to Scare is for ages 6-9.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Monsters University books are sold separately.

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